7 Best Tarte Exposed Blush Dupes

A blush that is not entirely nude, but it is, but.. is that a little pink I see?

This is what defines the very famous Exposed blush. Tarte’s blushes, especially their Amazonian Clay line, has won hearts. They blend out beautifully, look gorgeous, and last very long.

But many of us end up looking for Tarte Exposed blush dupes because the price tag is a little unrealistic. Not all of us walk around with wads of cash in our pocket, Tarte.

Do not worry, though! I have picked some of the best dupes for you. Let us take a look at the original blush and its features, then we will move on!

Original Product: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Exposed

  • Tone: Muted, Dusty Pink
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: Vitamin C & E Infused; Improves Complexion

Such a unique shade, I must say!

The tone has this beautiful balance between pink and nude. It sort of has this neutral shift to it that allows it to give a natural color and finish. On me, I personally have noticed the blush to last quite long.

This honestly does so much more than being just a blush on your cheeks. It has vitamin C and E infused in it. So, it hydrates, and improves your complexion. Also, it does not enhance texture, rather minimizes it. Your redness will be cancelled out too!

I truly have enjoyed this blush, but it is just not the kind you can repurchase one after another. The price is a bit high to be honest.

So, let us jump into the dupes then!

7 Best Tarte Exposed Blush Dupes

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01. Milani Rose Powder Blush

  • Shade: Romantic Rose
  • Tone: Matte Light-Nude Pink
  • Finish: Soft Natural
  • Benefits: Seamless; Lightweight

This is, by far, the best Tarte Exposed blush dupe.

The match of the tone overall is surreal. You can put this on one cheek and Tarte on the other and you will hardly see any difference. I will say though, the Tarte blush has a more intense finish, whereas Milani is soft. But it is negligible difference to begin with.

The finish, like I said, is soft and natural. But you will definitely love how this softness still allows enough color to show. It blends out seamlessly, and lasts as long as Tarte.

Its lightweight texture is bound to make anyone fall in love! Overall, it is a lovely blush, and the pricing is also fair!

02. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Blush

  • Shade: Barely Blushing
  • Tone: Neutral Dark Pink
  • Finish: Satin
  • Benefits: Brightened Look; Blends Easily

Okay, I cannot forget about my babes who look a little washed out wearing Tarte.

The Exposed blush is great, but it can be a little light for deeper skin tones. This is why I picked this dupe!

You will get the same, neutral, almost nude tone, but the flush of pink is brighter. This will have the same effect on deeper skin tones like Tarte Exposed blush. The finish is natural but more radiant- almost satin. This allows a healthy and fresh look!

Along with that, your overall appearance will be brightened. The blush just makes you look so amazing, and it blends out like butter- so smooth! Love the blush, love the price too!

03. Honest Beauty Crème Cheek Blush

  • Shade: Rose Pink
  • Tone: Rosy, Light Pink
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Benefits: Buildable; Lightweight & Seamless

Time for a cream blush!

I know what you might be thinking- Tarte is a powder blush, so how is it a dupe? Well, it is because of the shade! This blush is quite like Tarte Exposed blush- it has the same neutral pink tone. The undertone is sort of a nude, so you understand what I am saying.

What I like the most about it is the fact that it looks so natural on your skin. It has a seamless, dewy finish, and you can build it up as you like. It applies just beautifully!

The rosy nude color will surely make you look bright and lively. And the lightweight feel is definitely a plus point! And I do not think I have to mention how affordable Honest Beauty is.

04. BURTS BEES Blush

  • Shade: Shy Pink
  • Tone: Muted, Nude Pink
  • Finish: Radiant
  • Benefits: Vitamin E Infused

You will be surprised at how close of a match it is to Tarte!

Similar to Tarte Exposed blush, this has a muted, nude pink tone. I would say that it is a tad bit darker. This means that it will show up much more easily without the need to build it up like Tarte.

The finish is also similar. However, this is more radiant, and gives you a healthy glow. Burt’s Bees blushes are one of my favorites, and I love their nourishing qualities. This has vitamin E infused in it, which has its own benefits!

In short, this is a blush you will really enjoy. This is great for all skin tones- from light to deep! Also the price is very budget-friendly.

05. bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush

  • Shade: On The Mauve
  • Tone: Nude, Mauve-y Pink
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: Buildable & Effortless

This is such a good blush, I swear!

You will notice that the color pulls slightly mauve. But overall the tone is similar to Tarte Exposed blush- that nude to pink ration is just perfect!

Let us talk about the formula now. I do enjoy the overall texture and the feel of it. It can be effortlessly applied, built up, and blended. Just lovely! The finish is natural like Tarte and the shade beautifully shows up on my medium skin tone!

Also, it lasts well throughout the day too! Considering the price, you do get a high end formula at an attractive price!

06. PYT Beauty Everyday Blush Powder

  • Shade: Hustle
  • Tone: Warm, Nude Rose
  • Finish: Shimmery
  • Benefits: Lightweight & Hydrating; Vitamin E infused

While I was searching for an alternative to Tarte Exposed blush, I found this gem!

A beautiful warm rose, this has the right nude hue to mimic Tarte Exposed. It is subtle, but can be built up to your preference. Although, this is a little more intense and warm than Tarte. The finish is glow-y and radiant due to the pearlescent sheen!

In terms of formula, it also is a terrific one. The texture is smooth and lightweight, and feels like a feather on top of your cheeks. It just enhances your cheekbones in the most amazing way. Being infused with vitamin E, it is also hydrating!

You get all these without having to spend a lot of money. The price is budget-friendly, and it really is a nice blush to keep in your collection!

07. Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush

  • Shade: Seychelles
  • Tone: Warm Nude
  • Finish: Shimmery
  • Benefits: Effortless; Hydrating; Primer Infused

I have a soft corner for Buxom blushes. If you read my blog, you know it already.

And I have good reasons too! The formula is full-proof- it is primer infused so lasts for hours. Blends easily, that means effortless application. It is hydrating, and just diffuses easily on your skin. Buxom just makes really good blushes, you know?

About the shade- it does not pull as pink as Tarte. It is a more warm nude version of Exposed. The fine shimmer gives your cheeks a beautiful finish. It is not overwhelmingly shimmery- just silky, I hope you can visualize it!

Pricing is also a bit cheaper than Tarte Exposed blush. All in all, a must have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are Tarte Blushes Good?

Ans: Yes! Firstly, the Amazonian Clay line has a wide range of shades. That caters to almost every skin tone there is. Formula wise, it is long-lasting and blendable. The shade you see on the pan transforms well on your skin.

So yes, they are worth it!

Q2# Is Tarte Blush Long-Lasting?

Ans: Yes, it is! Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are one of the longest lasting blushes. Be it bare face or makeup, the blush will take hours to fade away.

You should not have any trouble making it last. But A setting spray or powder can increase longevity!

Q3# How Do I Apply Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush?

Ans: The tool of choice should always be a brush! Take a fluffy brush, swirl it on the pan, tap off the excess and apply! It is pigmented, so it is better to be light-handed.

Do not use a sponge or your fingers! They will not pick up enough product and give you the right result. You might end up looking patchy!

Q4# Does Tarte Sell on Amazon?

Ans: Yes! Tarte Cosmetics is available on Amazon. You can look up for their Amazonian Clay blushes on Amazon, funny, is it not?

So you should be able to find most Tarte stuff online without any trouble. Happy shopping!


I have shared a love-hate relationship with Tarte Cosmetics.

As much as I love and adore their products, the price makes me cry. To save you from that same misery, I have listed the best Tarte Exposed blush dupes I could find! Hope this helps you save some time and money!

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