5 Best NYX Taupe Blush Dupes

Only the daring know how to rock a taupe shade blush.

It looks stunning on medium to deep skin tones, truly. But lighter skin tones surely need a brave heart to try it on.

NYX Professional Makeup came out with a perfect taupe blush, and it became a favorite instantly. NYX is not a high-end brand, but the original Taupe blush got revamped and all that so, yeah.

A lot of people look for NYX Taupe Blush dupes, mostly for the unique shade. In case you have been storming the internet looking for a taupe blush, relax! The wait is over! I have the perfect dupes for you, but let us talk about the original blush before we do!

Original Product: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Powder Blush

  • Shade: Taupe
  • Texture: Powder
  • Finish: Slight Sheen
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Pigmented

It is such a precious color.

This shade has a personality of its own. It is bold, cut-throat yet wisely gentle. A perfect taupe shade that helps to contour, or bring a mysterious shadow to sculpt. Looks stunning as a blush if you can pull it off!

The powdery texture is quite pigmented, but blends out well. I suggest using a small, fluffy brush to apply it. That way, it fans out, but can be concentrated in places where you want. It leaves a slight sheen that compliments the cool undertone of this blush.

You will enjoy how long-lasting it is. Blush is usually supposed to make your cheeks look plump. But this is a flattering shade on all skin tones- it plumps and sculpts at the same time!

But if you are not satisfied for a reason, try one of the following dupes!

5 Best NYX Taupe Blush Dupes

01. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Shimmer Blush

  • Shade: So Taupe
  • Texture: Powder
  • Finish: Shimmery
  • Benefits: Pigmented; Radiant Look

Who can offer a NYX Taupe Blush Dupe, if not the original brand itself?

That is correct! NYX offers two ranges of its Sweet Cheeks blush, and this range of shimmery blushes has a dupe! If the original Taupe is a little too flat for you, and you want some schabang, fear not! You can pick this!

This one has a more shimmery finish that just works with all skin tones. During the day, it adds a glowy look, while at night it brings the party to your cheeks! But the shimmer will not enhance any texture, do not worry!

This powder blush is highly pigmented and great for a radiant glam. The price is much lower than the other Taupe blush!

02. L.A. Girl Just Blushing Face Blush

  • Shade: Just Because
  • Texture: Powder
  • Finish: Matte
  • Benefits: Buildable & Blendable; Long-Lasting

A more toned down alternative to NYX Taupe Blush!

This is for the ones who want NYX Taupe, but in a more diffused, muted way. This is a lighter shade of taupe with a neutral undertone.

Now you may ask, will it show up? Of course! On lighter skin tones, it will show up effortlessly. On medium to deep skin tones, this can be built up to your liking. The formula is blendable and easy to layer.

The silky formula is super easy to work with, and is long-wearing. It will have a matte finish that will be impressive and never dull. The price is surely cheap, and worth every penny!


  • Shade: Nude To Me
  • Texture: Powder
  • Finish: Matte
  • Benefits: Ombre Effect

Yes, I just like NYX a lot.

But it is not just. NYX is just one of the brands that really creates some of the unconventional shades. And they do so with finesse.

For a blush that is similar to NYX Taupe blush, this can be an option. Firstly, the ombre design is so pleasing. Secondly, it is a perfect warmer option for the taupe lovers who want a bit of warmth.

The ombre design allows an ombre effect on the cheeks. But it also creates space for more dynamic, customized looks. Swirl the brush on one of the sides, or both! You are the master of your art!

It will have a matte finish that truly compliments all looks. And of course, it is a cheaper option!

04. Almay Powder Blush

  • Shade: Nude/Mauve
  • Texture: Powder
  • Finish: Matte
  • Benefits: Lightweight; Customized Looks

Still dreaming about the ombre blush? Hold that thought!

This is another option for my lovelies who want a customized look with one blush. Firstly, it is not entirely similar to NYX Taupe Blush. It has a warmer undertone and pulls a little brown and mauve.

But if you mix the two shades, you get a beautiful, wearable, warm taupe. I personally love it on my medium skin tone. Individually, the nude brown and mauve are two very pretty shades that go with all skin tones.

This has a lightweight formula and is blendable. Also the price is affordable!

05. Julep Skip The Brush Crème To Powder Cream Blush

  • Shade: Moonlit Sand
  • Texture: Cream (Stick)
  • Finish: Luminous
  • Benefits: Smooth & Blendable; Multi-Tasking

Moonlit Sand, what a perfect name for a perfect taupe blush!

This one is for my creame blush lovers who want hassle-free application. With a smooth, silky formula, this Julep blush glides on like an angel. Just swipe and blend with your fingers!

This truly is a stunning taupe for those who want to look a little extra. The luminous finish due to the fine pearls really makes you look moonlit. Also, did I mention that it is multi-tasking? This looks stunning on the eyes and lips.

When used as a blush and an eyeshadow, it really pulls the look together. And this versatile little blush is also budget-friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I Contour with NYX Taupe Blush?

Ans: Why not? Of course you can contour with the NYX Taupe blush. The shade it perfect to sculpt your face when used strategically. Although, it may not be a great contour shade for deeper skin tones. So that needs to be kept in mind.

Q2# Can the NYX Taupe Blush Make me Look Ashy?

Ans: This entirely depends on your undertone. If you have a cool undertone, you can make this work. For light skin tones use sparsely. For deeper skin tones, it can be blended to diffuse the any ashy-ness if it is there.

You can always pair it with a warmer toned blush for a more well pulled together look!

Q3# Is NYX Taupe Blush Worth it?

Ans: Sure! It is totally worth it to have such a unique shade in your collection. And if it does not work as a blush, you can always use it as an eyeshadow! Plus, it does not cost a lot, so it is not like you have a lot to lose.


NYX Taupe truly is a unique blush- one of its kind. But it would be wrong to say that nothing comes close.

In fact, some blushes from the brand itself work as a dupe. Nevertheless, good luck trying out the NYX Taupe Blush dupes from this article!

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