7 Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes

Love that flawless full coverage?

Girl, I do too. Even though I am more into a light, natural, skin-like coverage- I have my glam days too. And for those days, I lean more towards foundations that give me that without the cakey-ness.

Make Up Forever is a high-end brand that offers some of the most popular products. It is a line intended for makeup artists, so you can guess the finish and quality.

Its Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a stunning pick for all makeup lovers. For those who need it, I have 7 best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes!

Original Product: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

  • Coverage: Medium (Buildable)
  • Shades: 50
  • Benefits: Evens Complexion; Long-Lasting

Make Up Forever is known for products that blow your mind, and so does this foundation. It has a weightless feel to it, which is why you may not even realize that you have it on.

The coverage is medium, but buildable to your liking. It will blur and even out your complexion. Most people love it because they can get a skin-like finish too with it.

You can definitely rely on it to last you for long, long hours. But the price point may be a problem for some. Unless you have the coins to spare, this may be an expensive choice.

So, let me show you some affordable alternatives!

7 Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes

01. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Up to 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation

  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Shades: 40
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Lightweight & Breathable

Just like the Make Up Forever foundation, this too has a weightless, breathable feel to it. The coverage is medium, but can be built to be full coverage. The finish will be quite like that of the Make Up Forever Foundation- glam but natural.

This foundation stays put for long hours, and looks fresh even at the end of the day. There are 40 shades available, so hopefully you will find your shade. And the price is much lower, so it is definitely a cheaper alternative! So I definitely recommend this!

02. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Shades: 43
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Matte Finish; SPF 15

In case you want something similar to Make Up Forever foundation, but with a more matte finish, pick this!
The coverage is medium to full- build it up as you like. It will not cake up, but rather give a flawless matte finish.

It is specifically great for people with combination or oily skin. The shade range is quite good too, so pretty sure you will find a shade for yourself!

Moreover, just like the Make Up Forever foundation, this too will last for long hours. If you want a longwearing foundation that is quite similar to Make Up Forever, you will love this! And the SPF is just an added benefit!

Also, the price is very low compared to Make Up Forever!

03. e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation

  • Coverage: Full
  • Shades: 40
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Semi-Matte Finish; SPF 15; Evens Skin Tone

Okay so, this will surely quench your thirst for the Make Up Forever foundation. So many good things!
Firstly- flawless full coverage is what you get. No question asked. And this lasts just as long as the Make Up Forever foundation. It will even your skin, give you a lovely finish with no dry, cakey feel.

The semi-matte finish will look beautiful and natural. It will blend easily with no effort required. Also, it contains SPF, so that is an added bonus. And the price? So affordable! Right in your budget.

04. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation

  • Coverage: Full
  • Shades: 19
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Dewy Finish

For those who love a full coverage foundation with a dewy finish- look no further! Right here, this foundation is what you need. A great alternative to Make Up Forever foundation, this will have a slightly more luminous finish.

For a foundation that is dewy, this is quite long-lasting. The only downside to it I would say is the shade range. 19 is not a good range of shades, so I really hope you find yours!

Other than that, everything is great. The price is fabulous, so grab it quickly!

05. Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

  • Coverage: Medium to Full (Buildable)
  • Shades: 22
  • Benefits: Oil-Free; Covers Imperfections

Okay, so Smashbox’s quality needs no description, so let me straight get to the point. Why would you pick this? Because just like the Make Up Forever foundation, this will give your skin an amazing finish.

It has a buildable, medium to full coverage. It is oil-free, but has a moisturized look. Very hydrating and feels amazing on the skin.

The shade range is limited yes, but the foundation is worth trying out. It is slightly cheaper than the Make Up Forever one. So if you want a high-end alternative, get this!

06. NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

  • Coverage: Full
  • Shades: 41
  • Benefits: Lightweight; Controls Shine

People with oily skin have special needs. This is why many choose to invest in high-end brands like Make Up Forever, because they give that non-cakey, matte finish.

But you do not need to spend a lot of money for that purpose anymore! You can get the same experience of Makeup Forever HD foundation with this NYX foundation. But an added benefit is that it controls shine for a better matte look!

The shade range is almost close to Make Up Forever’s, which means that you have a better chance of finding the right undertone. That too at a much affordable price!

07. COVERGIRL Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation

  • Coverage: Full
  • Shades: 13
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting

I write this one with a sad heart because the shade range is honestly, shameful.

But I had to include this because it gives the same long-lasting, fabulous finish like Make Up Forever HD foundation. Just put it on, occasionally touch up with a little powder if you feel like it, nothing else is needed!

You can rely on this to last you all day and all night, if you are the wild kind. No judgement there, but I will judge you if you do not take your makeup off before going to bed!

This full coverage foundation has a demi-matte finish, so it will have a nice finish. You will not want to purchase the Make Up Forever foundation after using this!

How to Achieve a Natural Finish with a Matte Foundation?

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover foundation has a soft matte yet natural finish.The suggested dupes will help you get a look as close as possible to that.

But during application, you need to adopt a few techniques to make sure that your foundation does not look cakey. So here are a few tips!

  • Only opt for a powder if you are super oily. If you are using a matte foundation but you get shiny in a few hours, touch up with a little bit of powder.
  • For a dewy, luminous or semi-matte finish, take a fluffy brush and tap onto some loose setting powder. Tap off the excess and gently brush it over your face.
  • One expert hack is applying setting spray right after powdering your face. This will help set the powder and eliminate the risk of cakey-ness.


Make Up Forever is a great brand, but it can be difficult on the wallet. So for my girls on a budget, I have picked all these cheaper alternatives! So hope you liked the 7 best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes!

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