7 Best MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Dupes

Ah, the good old ethereal flawlessness that this powder brings to your face.

When people were powdering their faces and wondering what went wrong, MAC gave them this. It was certainly ahead of its time, considering its incredible baked formula. This powder changed what setting powders meant for people.

But, all good things come at a cost, and this baby is certainly an expensive one. But almost-as-good things exist, and they will not put a dent on your wallet! I am talking about the best MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Dupes!

Let us look at the MAC powder first to see what features it has!

Original Product: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder

  • Formula: Baked
  • Finish: Soft
  • Shades: 14
  • Benefits: Well-Blended Look

I will not talk about the quality of MAC Cosmetics’ products because we all know how amazing they are. To talk about this powder though, I have so much to say!

This sheer, soft powder is perfect to set your makeup without unnecessarily mattifying it. A light dust of this powder will set your face and give it a mellow glow. There will be no cakey-ness, but a flawless finish to your glam!

You will find this powder in 14 different shades to match your complexion. I personally enjoy going 2 shades darker to use it as a bronzer! The formula is incredibly lightweight and sheer, but builds up beautifully.

The baked formula also allows you to achieve a dimensional look, albeit natural. However, as I said, the price is quite hefty, so let me now introduce you to the dupes!

7 Best MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Dupes

01. KIKO MILANO – Radiant Fusion Baked Face Powder Foundation

  • Formula: Baked
  • Finish: Luminous
  • Shades: 6
  • Benefits: Great Coverage; Smoothens

For those of you love the natural finish of MAC, but want to take it up a notch, this is what you need!

Similar to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, this has a baked formula. This might make you think that the coverage will be sheer, but you are wrong. This actually has more coverage than MAC, but still keeps the natural look you want intact.

Moreover, it can be used on its own as a foundation powder too! From this you should take the hint that you probably would not want to layer it over foundation.

Also, even though MAC Skinfinish can work as a bronzer, I feel that this would be too heavy for that purpose. But overall, the radiant and smooth finish it gives to your face makes this a good dupe. You can definitely go for this if you are on a budget!

02. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Color Corrective Pressed Powders

  • Formula: Pressed Powder
  • Finish: Sheer & Natural
  • Shades: 6
  • Benefits: Mattifies; Evens & Corrects Imperfections

For the love of all things sheer and natural, MAC is not your only option anymore!

Physicians Formula has created this beautiful pressed powder that is a mixture of several closer shades. What this does is basically even out your skin tone in a more well-rounded way by cancelling out imperfections.

Now, you may ask about the formula. Yes, it is not baked like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, but it has a similar finish. It will be just as sheer and natural on your face as MAC.

This powder comes in 6 shades and each shade offers you a range of shades itself. So I am hoping that you will find the right match.

And the price is also great!

03. W3LL PEOPLE – Natural Bio Base Baked Foundation

  • Formula: Baked
  • Finish: Semi Matte
  • Shades: 6
  • Benefits: Weightless; Good Coverage

This is another one of those powders that can also act like a foundation.

With this, you will easily achieve some good coverage on a bare face without looking dull and flat. The finish will be quite natural, and more on the semi matte side which I personally love for my oily skin.

One of the benefits of this powder is that it is pretty weightless. Which means you can dust a light layer of it on top of your foundation to set it. Pair it with a dewy foundation to get a nice, natural look!

But be careful not to use too much of it on top of a foundation, you do not want it to get cakey!

04. Revlon PhotoReady Pressed Face Powder

  • Formula: Pressed
  • Finish: Natural
  • Shades: 4
  • Benefits: Lightweight; Blurs

I like this powder for a range of reasons, but firstly, let us talk about why it is similar to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish.

This powder is pressed, not baked. But when you apply it, it settles on your face beautifully- each particle is very fine. There will be no unnecessary cakey-ness added to your face. So, we can say that for a natural finish, this is a good dupe.

Also, the powder is quite lightweight, and has a blurring effect. That means that your imperfections and pores will be nicely blurred with a swipe of this!

The shade range is small, but each works for a range of complexions. And it is very cheap too!

05. COVERGIRL Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder

  • Formula: Pressed
  • Finish: Natural & Radiant
  • Shades: 3
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting

Chasing after a youthful look? You can now have that with a swipe of this powder!

A plump and healthy looking sking is the key to feeling beautiful. For many, powders can be too drying. And if you face that too, you need something that will not make you look dull, rather radiant.

This is a good alternative to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder because it gives you the same radiant look. The finish will be natural, and your skin will look flawless and young.

I must say that the shade range is small and limiting. So compared to MAC, you may have a difficult time finding your shade. But if you do find it, you can easily go for this over MAC!

06. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Face Powder

  • Formula: Pressed Mineral
  • Finish: Natural
  • Shades: 2
  • Benefits: Good Coverage

I also prefer this over MAC sometimes.

Firstly, this one is way easier on the wallet. Secondly, the finish? Flawlessly natural. This is a pressed powder, but also being a mineral powder, it mimics MAC’s baked formula very well.

My only problem with this powder is the shade range. No matter how many shades of complexion each shade covers, 2 is a rather pitiful number for this. But of course, if you find a shade match, then of course, good for you!

I do enjoy its coverage. I lightly sweep this under my eyes to set my ender eyes. And it does add some coverage while setting the product underneath.

07. Physicians Formula Natural Defense Finishing Powder SPF 20

  • Formula: Pressed
  • Finish: Natural & Sheer
  • Shades: 4
  • Benefits: SPF; Protects Skin

This is the last on my list, and it is another one of the gems by Physicians Formula!

It is a pressed powder, not the baked kind like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. However, the finish is quite sheer, and gives you a natural look. This is the same effect you expect from MAC, no?

Additionally, this has SPF 20, which adds some extra protection against the sun. I think this is a good pick for daily wear- be it on your bare face or over makeup!

There are 4 shades available, which could be better but are doable. I love the price, and Physicians Formula’s quality never disappoints!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q1# Will MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Oxidize?

Ans: Nope! This powder will not oxidize throughout the wear. However, if your makeup underneath has a tendency of oxidizing, that could affect the powder on top. But on its own, it will not oxidize for sure!

You can always try it with a bunch of foundations to check if any of your foundations oxidize. This will also help you asses the effect on the powder!

Q2# Is MAC Mineralize a Setting Powder?

Ans: Yes, it is intended to be a setting powder that is luxuriously formulated to give you a naturally radiant look. But of course, you can use it however you want! You can go for a shade or two darker to use it as a bronzer.

Due to its radiant finish, it can also be used as a highlighter. You can also use a shade that is lighter that your skin tone to subtly highlight!

Q3# Will MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Setting Powder be Good for Oily Skin?

Ans: Sure! I have oily skin and from personal experience, I do not think that it makes me look oilier. I enjoy the radiant finish that is subtle and not overwhelming at all.

If you are oily, you can initially try to apply it on the places you want to highlight. If you love the finish, use it all over!

Q4# What Tool can I use for Baked Setting Powders?

Ans: I would definitely suggest a semi-dense or fluffy brush! Baked powders tend to be sheer, and may need building up. A fluffy brush will apply a light layer, while a denser one will allow you to get more coverage!


We would all love to buy every MAC product available on the market, but reality is different.

I hope that the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish dupes that I have suggested clench your thirst for Mac! Each product is unique, but also have similar benefits to MAC!

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