7 Best Ikea Alex Drawer Dupes

Today, I am here to talk about something different, but it is still makeup related.

I remember spending hours trying to organize my makeup. Every time I glammed up and went out, I had to come home to a mess. I jumped from cardboard to plastic drawer organizer but nothing truly worked.

This was until I went over to a friend’s place and saw her vanity. Constructed entirely out of Ikea Alex drawer unit and a giant mirror, it was a sight to see.

I realized that the drawers would put an end to my disorganized mess of a vanity, but my pockets? They could not handle the expensive furniture.

So I put myself to work and found the best of dupes! From there, let me share 7 best Ikea Alex drawers dupes!

Ikea Alex Drawer: Overview

So if you have not heard of them, you may wonder. What is an Ikea drawer unit? Let me tell you.

The Ikea drawer unit is a stack of drawers that are found in various heights and widths. Depending on your needs, you can get a longer or wider drawer stack. They make amazing vanity drawers and please the whole Instagram aesthetic too!

If you do not have a dressing table you can simply put together an Ikea drawer unit. Each drawer serves as a great makeup storage. You can also fit in smaller storage units inside, like plastic containers! Ikea Alex desk is also a popular part of the current vanity styles.

The stacks come with wheels for the ease of mobility. They are mostly found in white but are available in grey and beige too!

7 Best Ikea Drawer Dupes

So without further ado, let us take a look at the Alex unit dupes I have assembled for you (pun intended)!

01# Winsome Halifax 5 drawer Storage/Organization

  • Material: Composite Wood
  • Key Benefits: Cabinet Style; 5 Drawers; Wheels

This one is a stunning dupe for Alex drawer. If you want to match the quality of Ikea furniture, this is it. I present to you one of the best of Halifax storage carts!

Made of composite wood, this unit is as good as the Ikea Alex drawers. This compares to the Ikea 6 drawer Alex unit as most people say. However, in terms of depth and width, this one is a tad smaller. But as per the flying reviews it has, the difference is hardly significant!

The cabinet style makes stacks like these great vanity decals! The wheels attached definitely mean that you can move this from one room to the other in minutes. My cousin has one of these in her craft room and she says that it has made the room more tidy.
I do believe that this is a great Ikea Alex dupe. This also looks great beside a matching shelf for a

monochromatic look. You have to assemble it yourself, so brace yourself for a family DIY day!

02# DEVAISE 7 Drawer Chest Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels

  • Material: Particle Board
  • Key Benefits: Functional; 7 Drawers; Casters

This is by far, one of the best dupes you will find to the Alex unit.

If you need some storage space, and the Ikea Alex drawers are too expensive for you, I got you. Take my word, you will not be disappointed!

Made of particleboard, this modular mobile chest comes with wheels and a great deal of functionality. Use it as a dresser in the bedroom, or as makeup storage for your vanity! The possibilities are endless with this one!

You will have 7 drawers to put your stuff in. The assembly instructions details come with the drawers. Although this one has spectacular reviews, it is to be noted that assembling it might take a minute. But it is definitely worth it!

Your studio, craft room or basically any space could use this! I use this and I would not replace it even for Ikea furniture!

03# Linon Home Decor Products Corinne Six Drawer Storage

  • Material: Wood
  • Key Benefits: Compact; 6 Drawers; Casters

Here is a disclaimer: this is a pretty compact stack.

So before you seal the deal, make sure you look at the dimensions. I chose this to begin with because this is a great option for smaller storage needs. If you do not have a lot of space and want something compact, this is it!

This one looks very similar to the Ikea Alex unit, so in terms of looks you are good to go. Made of wood, this storage chest is white-washed for a chic look. You will have 6 drawers to put your stuff in and the wheel will add to your convenience.

This even looks great beside the bed in the bedroom. It is super versatile so you can even put this in the kids’ room! I bet their toys and your belongings will all be safe in this chic little storage chest!

04# Naomi Home Taylor 5 Drawers Cabinet White

  • Material: Not Mentioned
  • Key Benefits: Cabinet Style; 5 Drawers; Wheels

This one is pretty similar to the Halifax storage carts mentioned before.

If you need spacious cabinets, then this Ikea Alex dupe is what you need. This is also a cabinet style storage unit that I think also compares to Ikea malm. So if you are looking for Ikea malm dupes then be sure to check this out!

This storage unit has two locking casters out of the 4 casters. Locking casters ensure that the unit stays in place. If you plan to place this in your kids’ room, this should be handy!

You will find that this comes with assembly instructions details so you can put it together with ease. Also, you can add additional cubes and even use this as a part of your closet! Does that not sound like your dream storage space?

05# ADEPTUS 10016 6 Drawer Roll Cart

  • Material: Wood
  • Key Benefits: Sleek; 6 Drawers; Wheels

Looking for something compact yet spacious? Then you are in luck!

If white is not your cup of tea and you need something black to fit your aesthetic, here you go. I picked this for people who enjoy a dark theme for their bedroom or custom vanity.

This is a pretty easily accessible storage unit that is made of wood. Although compact, most people say that the drawers have enough depth. This means that you will have no difficulty storing your makeup.

You can get a full-length lighted mirror to go with this in the corner. The top of this sleek cabinet can hold stuff too! Put a small jewelry box and a makeup brush holder. That is it, a whole vanity done and dusted!

06# Tvilum Desk with 4 Drawers

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Key Benefits: Desk; 4 Drawers

Did someone say Ikea Alex desk, but make it cheaper? Because I heard you and I am ready to show it to you!

This desk by Tvilum is sleek and perfect for your office, studio or home! Not only does it act like an easily accessible storage unit, but it serves a variety of purposes. All you will need is a mirror adjusted on the wall for a full vanity!

You can add some vanity light and there you go- a lighted mirror and your custom vanity, all done!
The desk top can be used to keep other stuff. Keep smaller storage cases for a better makeup organization, like a makeup brush holder.

Add a stool and it is all complete! The black color adds a sleek touch to the overall stunning desk!

07# Tvilum Desk with 5 Drawers

  • Material: Not Mentioned
  • Key Benefits: Desk; 5 Drawers

Liked the previous desk I showed you but that did not feel super Ikea Alex-like? Do not worry my friend, I have just the right alternative for you!

Makeup organization will become much hassle-free when you have this. Here is a tip, add a few additional cubes of drawers for a more complete, beauty guru vanity finish! You will need a stool to go with this and enjoy its functionality.

This is also great for office spaces because it is just so versatile. There is one larger drawer that can be used for multiple purposes. It is lockable, so there is that.

The open cube on top of the drawer stacks can be used to hold things as well. I hope you get to make the best use out of this desk!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are Alex Drawers Good?

Ans: Ikea Alex drawers surely are functional and durable. You will not find difficulty using them, and do make good storage units.

Q2# Do Ikea Drawers Come Out All the Way?

Ans: The design does not allow them to come out completely. So if you need drawers that can be taken out entirely then skip Ikea. But drawers as such can be hazardous, so Ikea drawers in that sense are safer.

Q3# Will Ikea Drawers be Sturdy?

Ans: If you ask me, I find them to be quite sturdy. They are not loosely fitted and are not prone to wobble. And they slide in and out with ease.


Ikea furniture looks so good, I know. But if you find a good dupe, why splurge? And here you have 7 best Ikea Alex drawer dupes! I am eager to see if any Ikea hack works with the dupes.

Do you have an Ikea hack in mind? Do share!

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