7 Best Glossier You Dupes

I am an avid fan of Glossier products.

Boy Brow, skin tint, jelly cleanser or Balm Dotcom- you name it, I have used it all. It started with the Glossier Cloud Paint and Haloscope and now I am drenched and slathered in Glossier.

This brings me to today’s topic- best Glossier You dupes!

Finding the perfect Glossier You dupe is a tricky road that will cost you hours of screen time. Realizing that I could not spend more money on Glossier You perfume, I needed the right dupe.

And since I have found a few, I thought of sharing them with you! Are you ready to find the closest Glossier You perfume dupe for yourself?

7 Best Glossier You Dupes

01# Bath and Body Works Kaleidoscope Fine Fragrance Mist

  • Similarity Category: Closest Scent Overall
  • Fragrance: Spicy; Refreshing; Woodsy

Okay, there is absolutely no doubt that this is the closest Glossier You dupe.

Glossier You Perfume has the spicy pink pepper notes, paired with the sweet and woodsy mixture of ambrox and ambrette seeds. The floral freshness of Iris just packs a punch much lovelier than you would expect.

So does this Glossier You perfume dupe! This Bath & Body Works mist brings to you the same goodness. It has a lovely balance of Pink Pepper and Iris, and the Cedarwood just adds the right amount of woodsy musk to the scent.

However, just like Glossier You perfume, this mist is supposed to alter with the scent of your body. This is why a lot of people complain that it does not smell perfect at times. So keep that in mind before you give this a try!

02# Kuumba Made Persian Garden Fragrance Oil

  • Similarity Category: Has Similar Refreshing Notes
  • Fragrance: Floral

One complaint that some people have about Glossier You perfume is that it does not last long on them. I have said this before, but a perfume like this is only as strong as your own body scent.

So if you want something more long-lasting, this fragrance oil is what you need. Similar to Glossier You, this oil has a mesmerizing floral smell that is refreshing but not overpowering.

I must mention that this will not have the spiciness or the woodsy tones, but it is just as refreshing as Glossier You. Because it is an oil, it will last longer and can be mixed with so many other stuff!

So if you want to smell like a Goddess entrancing strangers with Jojoba oil and coconut goodness, pick this!

03# LUCKY You Cologne Spray for Men

  • Similarity Category: Has Similar Smell
  • Fragrance: Spicy; Warm; Musky

This Glossier counterpart is for men! A Glossier product is most of the time unisex, so is You perfume. But this one is more suited for men who like Glossier You but do not want the floral tone as much.

Replacing the refreshing floral tone, you get a rich, lingering warmth. While Cardamom ensures that exotic muskiness, it is enhanced by the dry notes of Bamboo stem. You will also woo passersby with the spicy hint that emerges from fresh Tamarind.

So in short, it has the same spicy and musky blend like Glossier You but is balanced with some oriental warmth! This is a marvelous Glossier You perfume dupe!

04# Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men Eau De Toilette Spray

  • Similarity Category: Has Similar Muskiness
  • Fragrance: Woodsy; Musky

Another spectacular Glossier dupe! This is a Glossier counterpart that resembles the You perfume in terms of muskiness. Glossier You has a very well balanced woodsy tone along with the refreshing tones. Similar to Glossier You, this will give you that balance.

However, due to Cedar Wood, Moss and Musk, the woodsy tones will overpower the freshness of apple, mimosa and green leaf. But it will not be an overbearing scent of musk- rather a pleasant war of duality.

This is perfect for men who want to skip out on floral notes. But if you do not want to compromise with refreshing fragrance, this is what you need!

05# Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

  • Similarity Category: Resembles the Floral & Spicy Tones
  • Fragrance: Spicy; Floral; Sweet

Vera Wang literally seems to be throwing the Glossier product shade with this fragrance. Like a total “I can do it better” attitude that the brand has pulled off here.

Is this a good Glossier dupe? Yes! This is a great Glossier dupe for my gals who find the woodsy tone of You a little overbearing.

Remember the refreshing effect of Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser? Now mix that with a divine tone of sweet vanilla that makes you blush. Yes, much like the Glossier Cloud Paint. If you could smell beauty- this perfume is it.

I personally enjoy the spicy richness of it that is complimented by some strong yet subdued floral tones. For drugstore dupes to Glossier You, this is one of the loveliest!

06# Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue for Men

  • Similarity Category: Same Muskiness
  • Fragrance: Refreshing; Woodsy

Glossier You gets its warm woodsy tone from Ambrox, a spectacular ingredient in perfumes. If you enjoy that musky and woodsy tone of Ambrox, you will love this!

Versace is a high end brand, and you get this size for a reasonable, almost drugstore price. This one is very long-lasting so you will need just a little bit to go. Just spritz it and you are done! It is a strong smell in my opinion, so it will be a while till you need to get a new one!

I really enjoy the hint of Citrus it has that resembles the refreshing vibe of Glossier You. You will be reminded of the orange blossom instantly! So this is a great Glossier fragrance dupe!

07# Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste for Women

  • Similarity Category: Resembles the Refreshing Muskiness
  • Fragrance: Fresh; Woodsy; Floral

Last in my list is this heavenly Glossier fragrance dupe! It is a pretty new scent in my collection and it has already become a signature scent!

Similar to Glossier You perfume, this has a brilliant combination of fresh and floral tones. That is further perfected by woodsy notes. Like Glossier, the floral tone is revived by Iris, but paired with Bulgarian rose- it has become a favorite scent of mine.

Sounds like a great Glossier You alternative, right? Well, it is! Try for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can Men Wear Glossier You?

Ans: Well, definitely! Glossier You is designed for all, like most Glossier products are. It is unisex and suits both men and women. Since it adapts to your own skin scent, it suits everyone who wears it.

Q2# Is Glossier You a Pheromone?

Ans: A lot of people ask this question without understanding what it means. Our bodies release pheromones, and Glossier you has a pheromone receptor stimulant. So reacting to our own body scent, the perfume creates a unique smell.

Q3# Is the Glossier Perfume Worth it?

Ans: I mean, it is a high price tag. I would say that it is definitely worth a try. But you can always hold on till a sale pops up!


Did you enjoy the Glossier You fragrance dupes? The list contains the 7 best Glossier You dupes, and they are each really amazing.

What is your ultimate personal fragrance? Let me know!

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