7 Best Glossier Skin Tint Dupes

Imagine showing up at brunch and have your friends wondering, what is on your skin?

Is there anything on your skin at all? It is so flawless and yet so natural?

This is the effect of Glossier Skin Tint. It just perfects your skin in the most natural way. Glossier is a very minimalistic brand that takes a skincare approach in makeup. From packaging to quality- their products are some top-tier stuff.

And so is the price! This is why I myself have looked for Glossier Skin Tint dupes online. And let me tell you, I have found some gems!

If you want to know about them, you have to wait, because first I will talk about Glossier Skin Tint!

Original Product: Glossier Skin Tint

  • Coverage: Sheer
  • Shades: 12
  • Finish: Natural & Dewy
  • Benefits: Lightweight; Easy to Apply

A skin tint. What a beautiful and incredibly apt name!

Glossier has been on the forefront of creating products that keep your natural beauty intact. They bring out your unique features, making you feel superbly comfortable in your skin.

The Glossier Skin Tint does just that. It is not like a regular foundation or a tinted moisturizer. It has a very fluid consistency, but you can apply it easily even with your hands! With this on your face, you get a sheer coverage that corrects your skin tone in a subtle way.

This particular product is great for all skin types. But if you have oily skin, you may want to skin out on this. But there is no reason it would not work on oily skin with a dust of powder to set it! That being said, the price is still a concern, so let us look at the dupes!

7 Best Glossier Skin Tint Dupes

01. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Sheer Face Tint

  • Coverage: Light to Medium
  • Shades: 5
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: Weightless; SPF 20

I almost did not want to mention this because- have you seen the shade range? It is disgraceful.

But I cannot ignore the fact that it is a great Glossier Skin Tint dupe. For one, the coverage is a bit more, so you can easily use it for a subtle glam look. Secondly, the finish is natural and stunning. Your skin will look like itself, no added cakey-ness!

This has retinol, which of course, has its benefits. It is especially great for people aged mid-twenties or above. With SPF 20, it provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This makes it suitable for everyday wear!

The price is of course cheap. So if you have a light skin tone, go for this!

02. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

  • Coverage: Light to Medium
  • Shades: 12
  • Finish: Satin
  • Benefits: Adds Glow; Lightweight

I love this! NYX Professional Makeup really makes some of my favorite products.

This is a great replacement for your foundation and BB cream, and a great alternative to Glossier Skin Tint! It will provide a good enough coverage, without completely covering up your skin. The smooth, satin finish as the end result will make you look naturally glow-y!

The shade range is quite accommodating, I believe. Each shade caters to s good range of skin tones. I love how lightweight it feels on top of my skin. It really is like a soft veil that evens your imperfections without overdoing it.

Love what you hear? Then what are you waiting for? This is affordable, and this baby sells fast!

03. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Makeup

  • Coverage: Medium
  • Shades: 12
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: SPF 30; Blurs & Perfects

I know that some of you might be BB cream lovers.

Because not all of us are always comfortable with a tint. We need a little more coverage, especially if we have hyperpigmentation. This will give you just that- added coverage with minimal product!

What you will notice is, similar to Glossier Skin Tint, this will have a natural finish. Your skin will look like itself, just a bit more perfected. This product blurs the appearance of your pores and gives you a much more even complexion.

Feel hydrated and protected with this BB cream! This has SPF 30, so use it every day- for work or simply to run a few errands. And this is super cheap!

04. L’Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Natural Glow Enhancer Lotion

  • Coverage: None
  • Shades: 4
  • Finish: Luminous
  • Benefits: Hydrates; Sun Kissed Glow

For my lovelies who want to take their bare skin out to showcase it in all its glory, attention!

I have just the right product for you! Some days, I do not want coverage. I just want to look lit from within. Sort of like the kind I get from the Skin Tint, but enhanced. And this is what I love on days like that!

This lotion hydrates due to having shea butter and glycerin. But above all, it makes you glow like a goddess. I personally enjoy the luminosity on its own, but touch up with some powder if I get oily. Also, you can add a little bit of concealer and just be done.

You can also wear this under your foundation for a glow-y base that makes your skin look healthy. I do really enjoy this product, especially because of the affordable price!

05. Undone Beauty Light Coverage Glow Tint Foundation

  • Coverage: Light
  • Shades: 14
  • Finish: Natural & Dewy
  • Benefits: Blurs & Perfects

This foundation is so similar to Glossier Skin Tint, it really amazes me.

It is not a skin tint, yes. But as a foundation, it is super lightweight and provides a very sheer coverage. In terms of that, it is a good dupe. But it gets better!

The finish also mimics Glossier without failing. It makes your look radiant and dewy- a natural finish that lets your skin peek through. But do not be scared, any imperfection will be blurred for you to have an even skin tone.

Be ready to bag compliments as you wear it! You will look fresh, radiant and sun kissed! Most importantly, it is priced much lower than Glossier.

So, overall, in terms of texture, finish and price, you will not find a better dupe! Maybe NYX, but nothing else comes as close.

06. Honest Beauty Clean Corrective Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum

  • Coverage: Light
  • Shades: 4
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: Tackles 6 Tasks in 1; Vitamin C Infused

Your weapon of choice for summer!

A tinted moisturizer that goes the extra mile. An alternative to Glossier Skin Tint, this has the potential to be your best friend. You get that light and sheer coverage, yes, and also a very natural finish.

But the extra benefits you get make this such a versatile product! You can use it as a primer to blur and even out your skin tone. It will also hydrate your skin in the process. Additionally, the SPF will give you the much needed protection from the sun.

Having Vitamin C in it, it is also rich in antioxidants! The price is a steal for all the benefits you are receiving.

07. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30

  • Coverage: Light to Medium
  • Shades: 10
  • Finish: Natural
  • Benefits: SPF 30

Are you visibly drooling over the sheer and natural finish of Glossier?

What if I told you that you can get that, with the option to build up the coverage? Because you can, with this! This is of course, cheaper than Glossier Skin Tint. But it is still a high-end product, so expect to receive the same luxurious experience!

This tinted hydrating gel gives a sheer coverage, but it can be built up to medium coverage if you want. The finish will of course be natural, so do not worry about looking like you have put on a lot of makeup.

The SPF 30 is also a great addition in my opinion. Please get this, I highly recommend this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Will Glossier Skin Tint Cover Acne Scars?

Ans: No, lovey. As the name suggests, it is merely a skin tint. It does not contain enough coverage to hide acne scars. In fact, it will not completely cover redness or other spots.

However, you may select one of the dupes I suggested that has better coverage!

Q2# Is Glossier Skin Tint Good For Oily Skin Types?

Ans: Hmm. In my personal experience, Glossier Skin Tint does not last long on my oily skin. Many people also complain that it makes them look greasy.

But what I do to make it work is basically use a good primer. And of course, finish it off with some powder. If you are super oily, you may need to touch up every hour or so. But not if you do not mind the extra glow!

Q3# Will Glossier Skin Tint be Worth it?

Ans: If you have dry to combination skin with minimal imperfections, yes! However, if you want to flaunt your skin no matter how it is, you can definitely try it out too. It is of course only worth it if you can get the most use out of it!

Q4# Are Skint Tints Bad For You?

Ans: No. Skin tints are not generally bad for you. They are only bad for your skin if they contain ingredients that your skin does not agree with.

And also, you need to properly take it off before you go to sleep! If you do not, skin tints, like any other products, will break you out.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this! Skin tints are usually my favorite everyday go-to products. And the Glossier Skin Tint dupes I suggested should work well for you too!

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