10 Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

Who would not love rosy pink cheeks without any hassle?

This is why we love gel-cream blushes. They are easy, fun and look super natural. Glossier took over the gel-cream blush sector with their gorgeous Cloud Paints. Since they were launched, the Cloud Paints have been a favorite of every makeup lover.

Most people are always leaning towards Glossier Cloud Paint dupes because of the price tag. And I get it, for many of us the price is a little high to pay for a blush, no matter how great it is.

And I will be talking about those dupes today! So I hope you are ready for some amazing alternatives, but let us take a look at the OG itself!

Original Product: Glossier Cloud Paint

  • Formula: Gel-Cream
  • Finish: Soft Demi-Matte
  • Shades: 8
  • Benefits: Easy to Use; Seamless

A naturally flushed look. This is what it is.

This is a blush that makes you look as though you are flushed at the sight of your crush. Glossier Cloud Paint gives you a soft wash of color that makes you look lively. Most importantly, it is true to its name.

It feels as light as a cloud on your cheeks. It comes in a tube that resembles a paint tube, which makes it so fun! The gel-cream consistency makes it easy to apply. It blends out effortlessly, but also you get sufficient play time with it before it dries down.

You will find them available in 8 shades- Eve and Spark being new additions. The shade range is versatile and each of them is perfect for a wide range of skin tones.

In short, it is a really unique blush that will revamp your makeup routine. However, the price may be an issue for some. This is where the dupes I picked take the limelight!

10 Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

01. FLOWER BEAUTY Blush Bomb Color Drops for Cheeks

  • Formula: Gel-Cream
  • Finish: Soft Demi-Matte
  • Shades: 6
  • Benefits: Easy to Use; Dewy Look

This is the best dupe for Glossier, in my opinion.

Similar to Glossier Cloud Paint, this also has a very easy to use formula. The gel-cream consistency applies like a delight, and blends out smoothly. I must add that it is much more pigmented than Glossier, so a little goes a long way.

This also suggests that it is buildable as you like. For versatility, I mix different shades together to create new colors every day! I believe you can do the same with Cloud Paint too.

Using this, you will not be missing out on any of the Cloud Paint fun. However, this is, in my opinion, lightweight but not as lightweight as Glossier.

Overall, if you have one of these, you will not be needing any other gel-cream blush!

02. Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush

  • Formula: Gel-Cream
  • Finish: Sheer & Dewy
  • Shades: 6
  • Benefits: Easy to Apply; Subtle & Natural

Want something like Glossier Cloud Paint, but a little toned down?

Then you must get one of Maybelline Cheek Heat blushes! And the name is so amazing apt- you know that flush of color you get in the sun? These blushes give you exactly that. They add a natural warmth and color to your skin that looks beautiful.

Also, if you are wondering, these are super easy to apply too. They come in little tubes like Glossier, and have a similar gel-cream consistency.

You will not need a lot of time to blend it. The finish will be subtle and dewy, and you will look fresh out of the sun!

They are priced super cheap and I have no idea why you are not getting one for yourself!

03. L’oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Blush

  • Formula: Gel-Cream
  • Finish: Light and Soft
  • Shades: 3
  • Benefits: Blurs; Youthful Look

Until you try this on, you would not know the magic of it.

This gel-cream blush by L’oreal is lightweight, just like Glossier Cloud Paint. All you have to do is dab some of it on your cheeks, and done! You will have a soft touch of color over your cheeks.

Beyond the youthful look it provides, it also blurs the area it is applied to. This gives you a more airbrushed look, even when applied over makeup. So you can understand that this will look just beautiful on bare skin as well.

The shade range is small, but the available ones are all pretty colors. They will surely flatter any and every complexion, within budget!

04. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Dewy Blush Elixir

  • Formula: Liquid
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Shades: 4
  • Benefits: Lightweight; Easy to Blend

I think this is one of those blushes that look absolutely natural.

Similar to Glossier Cloud Paint, this blush is so lightweight that it makes your cheeks look naturally flushed. The color just seeps from within in the most beautiful way.

It does not have the gel-cream formula of Glossier. This is a tad more fluid, and seamlessly blends in. Because of such consistency, the color it brings to your cheeks look flawless and dewy!

For an everyday makeup, this could be a great addition to your routine. And I love that is also quite cheap!

05. Covergirl Clean Fresh Cream Blush

  • Formula: Creamy
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Shades: 4
  • Benefits: Plumps; Consists Hyaluronic Acid

A blush that plumps? I am not kidding!

Covergirl really has outdone itself. This blush, when applied, gives you a fresh, youthful look. Your cheeks look vibrant and plump. I cannot explain how healthy and lively this blush makes you look!

Its consistency is not exactly similar to Glossier. This is a bit more creamy, and contains hyaluronic acid. This means that this blush will hydrate your skin as you wear it.

I personally enjoy how easy this is to apply. I get a lot of control over the intensity of color I want, which is also great, and I also love the price!

06. ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Tint

  • Formula: Liquid
  • Finish: Semi Matte
  • Shades: 3
  • Benefits: Natural Looking Stain

A list of blushes cannot be complete without the mention of a tint.

Tints are widely popular for their versatility, and the fact that they look so natural. On your lips or your cheeks- tints softly stain your skin, making it look flushed and healthy.

With this particular tint, you will have a good alternative to Glossier Cloud Paint. This has a more liquid-y consistency, but you know the soft finish of Glossier? This blush gives you exactly that.

And also, need I say, you can use this on your cheeks too? That is right! This blush is available in 3 shades and honestly, the undertones are a lot like Glossier’s. And oh my god, this is so cheap!

07. UNDONE BEAUTY Lip to Cheek Palette

  • Formula: Cream
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Shades: 7
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting; Coconut Infused

You might be wondering- this is not a gel-cream, then how can this be a dupe for Glossier?

Let me tell you why and how. Firstly, yes. Its consistency is solid cream-like. But when you dab this on your cheeks, it blends out giving you a similar effect like Glossier Cloud Paint. This is also more dewy, and much more long-lasting.

Also, in case you love Glossier’s effect, but are scared of its formula and consistency, this is perfect for you. I want to tell you that you can fearlessly give in to gel, cream or liquid blush. But I think this will do for now.

And this is also a 3-in1 product! Use it for lips or your cheeks! To highlight or as a blush, this is perfect in every way. In terms of the budget too!

08. Honest Beauty Crème Cheek Blush

  • Formula: Cream
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Shades: 4
  • Benefits: Buildable; Lightweight

Another cream blush for those who are more into the cream formula.

If you love Glossier’s lightweight and seamless color, you will love this. Similar to Glossier Cloud Paint, this adds such a subtle hint of rosy goodness to your cheeks- it is delicious. But of course, it has a buildable formula so you can increase the intensity if you like.

The finish is dewy, which I personally enjoy. Honest Beauty is a drugstore brand that offers some high quality products. If you pick this blush, you surely will experience the feeling of using a high-end product.

Love the price, love the product even more. There are 4 shades to choose from, so take your pick!

09. e.l.f. Cream Blush Palette


  • Formula: Cream
  • Finish: Soft Matte
  • Shades: 4 (Palette)
  • Benefits: Buildable; Pigmented

I picked this as a dupe mainly because the shades are so similar to Glossier Cloud Paint.

You get the more natural, warm tones, but also a vibrant burst of color. With this, you will feel like an artist while painting face with it.

Also, this is a compact, well-rounded palette. So with one purchase, you get 4 beautiful shades! The finish is more of a soft matte, and the color pay-off is great. As pigmented as they are, you are in control of them. Build them up as you like!

You can use fingers or a dense brush to apply this blush palette. I personally prefer a sponge- that gives me a more seamless blend.

Overall, for the price, this is a great dupe!

10. Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush

  • Formula: Cream
  • Finish: Satin Matte
  • Shades: 3
  • Benefits: Provides a Glow

The last star of the show!

I absolutely adore one thing in particular about this blush. Even though the shade range is small, each comes very close to some of the Cloud Paint’s shades.

The finish, if you are wondering, is not as muted as Cloud Paint. It shifts more towards a satin-y matte finish. I love how wearing this, your cheeks will have this stunning glow to them. This blush really just reflects light right off!

I think that within a budget, you could easily use this as an alternative to Glossier Cloud Paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Does Glossier Cloud Paint Have Glitter?

Ans: No, absolutely not! In fact, it contains no shimmer or pearls. It has a matte finish, although if you like a shimmery effect, you can top it off with some highlighter. Personally, I enjoy its natural finish.

Also, as you wear it, over the hours it gets more glow-y due to your skin’s natural oils. That is, on your bare face. Over makeup, you can achieve that dewy-ness with some dewy setting spray!

Q2# Can You Use Glossier Cloud Paint on Your Lips?

Ans: Sure, you can! But fair warning, it will not feel and look like a lipstick or lip tint. if you want to add a bit of its soft color to your lips, go ahead!

But do not put it over chapped lips. I would also recommend a dabbing motion over simply swiping it on. Top it off with some clear gloss or balm!

Q3# Is it Worth it to Buy Glossier Cloud Paint?

Ans: It definitely is! I do believe that it is worth every penny. You get a lot of product considering that a little goes a long way. But if it is a purchase that you cannot afford, the dupes will do.

Also, you can always wait for a good sale on them to grab your favorite shades!

Q4# Will Glossier Cloud Paint be Long-Lasting?

Ans: Yes. From personal experience, I believe they are pretty long-lasting. The formula itself claims so too. If you are having trouble making it last, you can perhaps try a change of technique.

A pro tip is to lightly brush some translucent setting powder after applying the blush. But be careful not to dry out your skin!


I know how stunning the Cloud Paints are, but some dreams are expensive.

Even though not all of us can afford to get them, the Glossier Cloud Paint dupes are here to save the day! I believe that each product mentioned here will easily win your heart.

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