7 Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes

Most of us have let out sighs of admiration at the sight of the beautiful Fenty Beauty models.

The beautiful, glow-y skin has had us stunned. Fenty Beauty really knows how to market its products. It is one of the leading brands in terms of inclusivity, and I could not be happier for its existence.

But it would be a lie if I said that those sighs of admiration did not have a hint of sadness. Fenty Beauty is a high-end brand, and its super hyped Body Lava, is pricey. No wonder we need some Body Lava dupes in our lives!

Keep reading, maybe I will let you in on one or two secrets on those dupes. But first, let us see this glorious piece of beauty.

Original Product: Fenty Beauty Body Lava

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 3
  • Texture: Gel-Like
  • Benefits: Illuminated, Dewy, High-Shine Finish

Behold! It is a gift from the Goddess Rihanna herself!

Can I just say that nothing in their collection of products speaks Rihanna as much as this does? The Body Lava was bestowed upon the world by Fenty Beauty when we were tired of glittery highlighters for the body.

This product seamlessly blends into your skin to make you glow like a bronzed goddess. Whatever your skin tone may be, you will find a shade that will flatter your complexion. Every day will be beach day wearing this!

I also enjoy how gorgeous it makes my skin look in pictures. Especially when I am a bit tanned- with this on I am an Instagram model, so do not talk to me, please.

But alas! A product so amazing costs a hefty amount, obviously. But I have the dupes, just like I promised, so are you ready?

7 Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes

01. SuperThinker Body Liquid Highlight Illuminator

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 4
  • Texture: Spray
  • Benefits: Does Not Transfer; Glow-y Skin

A perfect alternative to Body Lava!

Many times, people shy away from body highlighters because they can be scary. But not this one! It does not have the gel-like consistency of Fenty Beauty. But its spray texture makes it easy to apply and blend- with your hands or a brush!

The glow will be subtle and will enhance the beauty of your natural skin. You can pick a darker shade to have a light tanning effect! It is also great to mix with your primer or foundation. But be careful, as you do not want to mix too much!

This will also not transfer to your clothes or streak. Just a swipe and you have perfect, luminous skin! And that too at a much cheaper price!

02. AL’IVER Liquid Highlighter for Face & Body

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 6
  • Texture: Liquid
  • Benefits: Matte Yet Illuminated Finish

Not all of us fans of a dewy look, but still want that glow.

And this is perfect for that. It is a good Body Lava dupe, even though it does not have a gel-like texture. It is the perfect liquid-y texture to slap on while on a rush. You can also use a brush to blend it.

Use it on your face or body- the matte yet glow-y look will be loved by all. If you have dry skin, maybe you will not like it as much. But I personally enjoy using it a lot! Especially for the matte finish!

You can find this in 6 shades and at a really cheap price compared to Body Lava!

03. Juicy Skin Care Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Lotion

  • Shimmer: Yes (Glittery)
  • Shades: 6
  • Texture: Liquid
  • Benefits: Buildable Glow

For my babies who want an intense glow to blind the gods above, I have something for you!

As you prepare your summer beach body, you must also stock up on your must have beach products! I would never step on a beach without this lotion on. It is perfect to add a bronzy glow to your body as you soak up the sun!

It has some fine glitter particles that give you the extra spiced up, Instagram ready finish. You can build it up to intensify that glow. Like Body Lava, this will make you feel like a supermodel fresh off the beach!

Considering the price, it is a great option to pick over Fenty Beauty, if you cannot afford it!

04. Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance All In One Makeup

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 6
  • Texture: Liquid
  • Benefits: High-Pigment Formula; Radiance

A product that has been tested on the celebrities, a product for the stars!

If that does not tell you why it is a Body Lava dupe, I do not know what else will. This has been formulated to give you a natural yet stunning radiance all over your body. Your skin will gleam as though you have stars wrapped around your body!

The formula also has high-pigment pay-off, so you can easily use a darker shade to slightly tan your skin. This is very easy to apply and blend, and performs well throughout the day. Slap some of it on for the beach, or the party at night!

Perfect for all occasions, this retails for a much lower price than Fenty. I see no reason why you may want to skip on this!

05. SOL DE JANEIRO GlowMotions Glowing Body Oil

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 5
  • Texture: Liquid (Oil)
  • Benefits: Non-Sticky; Visible Glow

Sol De Janeiro is popular for its body products.

So when it offered this body oil, I knew it was curated with a lot of thought. And it shows! This is just perfect for anyone who wants a visible glow that does not look fake. You can never overdo it with this one, it is natural, yet the radiance is goddess-like.

I personally enjoy the formula- it is easy to blend out and is non-sticky. Your skin has this enhanced, beautiful radiance to it while wearing it. I am also a fan of the shades- each can be used for multiple effects and purposes.

Overall, love it! Hands down the best alternative to Body Lava!

06. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 2
  • Texture: Creamy
  • Benefits: Air-Brushed Effect

Need something specifically for your legs? I got you, babe!

Often, when our legs are exposed more than the rest of our body, we need them to look good. If you are not a fan of strawberry legs, I have good news. This particular product will illuminate your skin, but also provide an air-brushed effect!

It is not a gimmick. The creamy consistency makes it easy for you to apply it with your hands. As you blend it in, you will notice your skin looking smoother, and glow-y.

I love Sally Hansen products, and looking at the price tag, it is worth buying!

07. Coppertone Glow Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion

  • Shimmer: Yes
  • Shades: 1
  • Texture: Creamy, Gel-Like
  • Benefits: SPF 50; Water-Resistant

Like Body Lava, this has an almost gel-like, but sort of creamy texture.

But this does so many things compared to Fenty Beauty! This illuminator is firstly, water-resistant. You know what that means- you can swim your heart out after the Instagram pictures are clicked.

Also, this has SPF 50, which will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. How amazing is that? I also enjoy that it is so cheap, so there is no emptying my wallet over it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Will Fenty Body Lava Stain My Clothes?

Ans: Sadly, yes. It will get on your clothes, so you will have to be careful while applying it. Some say that setting it with some translucent powder works. But It is not a full-proof plan.

An alternative technique is to use it on the high-points of your body. Strategic placement can help reduce the damage!

Q2# Can I Mix a Body Illuminator with my Foundation?

Ans: Yes. You can mix any body luminizer with your face products. But I would skip out on glittery ones. Also if they have a heavy consistency, it is better not to mix them as well as the shimmers can enhance texture.

Q3# What Color Illuminator Should I Use?

Ans: To highlight strategically, using an illuminator that is a shade lighter than your skin tone is ideal. For an all over radiance, pick something that is close to your skin tone.

If you want a more tanned, bronzy effect, go for an illuminator that is a shade or two darker.

Q4# How Do I Apply Fenty Body Lava?

Ans: It is quite easy! Pump some product out on your desired area. With a slightly fluffy yet dense brush, blend in circular motions. You can also build it up according to your preference.

Some also use their hands to apply and blend it. But I feel that the brush is the ideal tool for it.


Body luminizers are the perfect weapon to blind people with your glow.

Not all of us can afford the Fenty Beauty Body Lava. But we can take over the world with the Body Lava dupes, can we not? So let us do it!

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