7 Best Better Than Sex Mascara Dupes

Mascara, a god sent gift to people.

As someone with really thin, straight and pointed eyelashes, I need mascara to complete my look, I just cannot go without it. But not all mascaras are good. Some are just terrible enough to make you want to tear off your eyelashes.

Too Faced gave the world a mascara that saved us from misery. They named it quite aptly too. However, the mascara may be better than sex, but more expensive than it too.

This is why most of us keep looking for some good Better Than Sex Mascara dupes. And I have some for you!

But first, want to know what all the hype is about?

Original Product: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

  • Wand: Hourglass Shaped
  • Good For: All
  • Benefits: Adds Volume; Lengthens

You can understand that there must be something really special about a mascara for it to be this hyped.

Too Faced designed this mascara keeping in mind the needs of all people. That is, I personally believe this gives you a customized result. If you already have full, curled up long lashes, one coat of it will add some depth to them.

But if you have short, thin eyelashes, just use 2 or 3 coats and bam! Your eyelashes will look full, lengthened and sassy!

The hourglass wand really helps you build up the kind of effect you want. In all honesty, this mascara is an all-rounder- from natural to glam, it does it all!

But the price is quite a big amount to pay for mascara, so may I interest you in some of its dupes?

7 Best Better Than Sex Mascara Dupes

01. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

  • Wand: Slightly Hourglass Shaped
  • Good For: All
  • Benefits: Adds Volume; Lengthens

This by far, is the best dupe you will find for the Too Faced BTS Mascara.

I have tried it myself and I have been blown away by it myself. Honestly, the resemblance is incredible. Similar to Better Than Sex Mascara, this adds volume and lengthens your eyelashes to make them look stunning.

I would like to mention that compared to BTS, this one does not allow you much time to build it up. You start getting a lot of volume with the initial few coats, so you have to be careful. And the wand comes close to that of the Too Faced mascara!

Overall, the price is great, and this by far is the closest match you will get to the BTS mascara!

02. Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift Washable Mascara

  • Wand: Hourglass Shaped
  • Good For: All
  • Benefits: Adds Volume; Lengthens & Lifts

Another stunning alternative to Better Than Sex Mascara!

Starting from the wand, you will notice that it is hourglass shaped, similar to BTS. The shape is important because it determines the kind of length and volume it will add.

To make direct comparisons, with this you will get the kind of volume BTS is supposed to give you. Of course, it is buildable, so you have the control. In terms of length, this mascara lengthens your lashes with each coat effortlessly.

However, be sure to not layer it too much. That can cause slight clumping. The best part however is, it lifts up your lashes! For me that is a big plus point- you do not get this with the BTS mascara!

And the price is cheap as well!

03. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Origin Nourishing Mascara

  • Wand: Basic
  • Good For: Thick, Brown Eyelashes
  • Benefits: Strengthens & Conditions

Burt’s Bees offer the most thoughtfully created products.

Beyond serving the purpose, each product additionally provides some great benefits too. This for one strengthens and conditions your eyelashes. Which is an extra feature that you do not get with BTS.

But similar to Better Than Sex Mascara, this will give your eyelashes the much needed volume and length. You will be in control, so you can build it up whatever way it suits you.

However, I will not recommend it to someone who wants jet black lashes. If you have brown eyelashes and want them to look natural, go for this! This has a black-brown tint to it, which keeps your natural color intact while adding some depth to it.

And it is pretty cheap!

04. IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

  • Wand: Straight, Thick Bristle
  • Good For: All
  • Benefits: Adds Volume; Lengthens

A mascara that makes you look awake and ready for the day!

This IT mascara does exactly what the BTS mascara does. It adds volume to your lashes, to make them look full and fabulous. Because of the wand, you get long, nicely lengthened eyelashes that are separated and fluttery.

Also, this mascara incorporates Elastic Stretch Technology, which coats each lash separately. This helps it make sure that each individual lash is coated from root to tip to give you a more defined look!

If your budget can be a bit stretched, go for this! It is a high-end mascara that is priced quite cheap in my opinion!

05. COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara

  • Wand: Slightly Curved, Thick
  • Good For: Thin Eyelashes
  • Benefits: Boosts Volume

A look at the wand, and you will know.

This Covergirl mascara, albeit an alternative to Better Than Sex mascara, will beat it at its own game! For dramatic, full-volume lashes, you can pick this. The BTS mascara adds volume, so does this, but with more depth.

With each coat, you will find your lash line looking fuller and fuller. Undoubtedly, for people with sparse or thin eyelashes, this would be a good choice.

This is also intensely black, so you understand the kind of effect you will get. I personally really enjoy the formula and the length it adds along with the volume. It is beautiful!

And let us not forget, it is a very cheap option!

06. Almay Multi-Benefit Mascara

  • Wand: Basic
  • Good For: All
  • Benefits: Nourishes Eyelashes

Love the effect of Better Than Sex Mascara, but want the same through a more basic wand?

I understand that many do not particularly enjoy the hourglass wand of the BTS mascara. What if I told you that I have a close dupe with a basic, straight wand? Because I do!

This Almay mascara has a straight wand with densely packed bristles. With each coat applied, you will notice more volume and length- each lash as defined as ever. The bristles also help the mascara to be evenly distributed without clumping up!

With its keratin infused formula, it nourishes your eyelashes throughout the day. And it is much cheaper than Better Than Sex mascara!

07. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

  • Wand: Dense Short Bristles; Curled
  • Good For: Straight Lashes
  • Benefits: Volumizes; Curls

Amped up volume and nicely curled eyelashes? You do not get all of it with BTS!

That is right! Like Better Than Sex mascara, this mascara boosts volume, giving you much fuller looking lashes. However, if you notice, the wand is a bit different. Let us hear what it does!

Firstly, the short yet dense bristles add volume with each coating. And the curled wand allows itself to hug your eyelashes right, to define their curl and hold it. Even without an eyelash curler, this will push up your lashes and give them that fantastic curve!

The price is also budget-friendly, so hoorah!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Will the Better Than Sex Mascara Smudge?

Ans: If you buy the waterproof one, it has less chances of smudging unless a lot of pressure is applied. However, the one that is not waterproof smudges quite easily and also transfers to your under eyes after a long day.

Overall, I do not appreciate that the mascara is not entirely smudge-proof considering the high price point.

Q2# Can I Find the Better Than Sex Mascara in Brown?

Ans: Nope! The mascara may come in different packaging, but only has two versions- regular and waterproof. It does not come in brown, so do not expect a different looking packaging to be brown!

Q3# Will the Better Than Sex Mascara Flake?

Ans: Nope! I personally have not experienced any flaking. Usually when the mascara is too dry, it flakes. But the formula of Better Than Sex mascara is not drying, so it does not cause any flaking.

Q4# Does The Better Than Sex Mascara Contain Fibers?

Ans: Nope! This mascara does not contain any fibers in it. It adds volume but purely due to its formula. No additional fiber is included to boost the volume! You will notice that the wand is coated with a smooth, flexible texture of mascara only.


The mascara maybe better than sex, but it is not free of amazing dupes for it!

The Better Than Sex mascara dupes that I have listed all come really close to the original. But they also have more customized features to fit your needs. So who says you need to empty your wallet to get a good mascara?

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